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Go Green, Earn Rewards

A fun and engaging way for you to manage your electricity consumption and get rewarded at the same time!

What's in GreenUP


Family Sharing

Create a group and invite family members to view your household consumption and monthly bills. Now, everyone in the household can be active in managing utilities!


Grow Virtual Plant

Your seedling symbolises the fragile, yet incredibly precious relationship we have with nature; lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and watch it flourish!


Green Challenges

Join our Energy Saving challenge to reduce your electricity consumption. Challenge yourself to integrate sustainable habits into your daily life - It's time to ditch the disposable cups and take out the reusable tumblers.

Unlock More Rewards as Your Plant Grows

The more “leaves” you earn, the more your plant grows! It might not seem like much now, but who knows what beautiful flower it will blossom into? Get access to exclusive CapitaStar Rewards as your plant develops.




Extend CapitaStar Rewards to your Household

When you do your part for the environment, you won’t go unrewarded! We have partnered with CapitaStar to create exclusive in-app eDeals that reward you when you take charge of your lifestyle and reduce your energy consumption.

Move Towards a Greener Lifestyle

Find out what type of electricity user are you

Take the Energy Saving Challenge and discover your energy consumption persona! Build your user profile and learn more about your consumption.

Participate in our Energy Saving Challenge

Receive insights when you participate in our Energy Saving Challenge to reduce your electricity consumption. Managing your electricity consumption has never been so easy and simple.

Start Your Green Journey Now!

There’s so much in waiting for you in GreenUP! Log in now, invite your friends and family, and together let’s do our part for the environment!

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